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Grade Your Website: Free Online Evaluation Tools

Why pay a professional for a basic website evaluation when you can do it yourself for free? Here is a list free online tools that will help you grade your website.

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5 Things To Check Before Launching a Website

When it comes time to launch a website, it can be a very frantic time. And it is easy to forget to do some basic things which can greatly affect the initial success of your website. Here is our list of five important things we check before launching websites.

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What Are Web Standards? Do They Matter?

If you spend enough time on the web, you will have seen some mention of web standards. Or perhaps you have just seen those little HTML or CSS icons on the bottom of web pages… So what are web standards? And what do they mean for your website?

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5 Common CSS Mistakes

There are often a lot of CSS mistakes that beginners, and even experts, make from time to time.

In this article, we address these common mistakes.

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Free Tools Every Website Owner Should Know About

There are so many resources on the web today that make it more easy than ever to build, optimize, maintain, monetize, and promote a website. And given that most of the best tools are completely free, there is no excuse for not using them.

We’ve listed a few of our favorites, as well as some other popular tools, to help you in your website endeavors.

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Is Your Website Cross-Browser Compatible?

Believe it or not, all web browsers do not behave the same way. And depending on how a website is coded, it might look differently in each browser. Clearly, this can be quite problematic; broken sites often look unprofessional. So how can you determine whether your website looks the same across all browsers?

In this article, we suggest tools that can be used to view your site in multiple browsers, as well as quick fixes for some of the most common cross-browser compatibility issues.

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