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Custom WordPress “Comment Error” Page

Not all areas of WordPress area easily themed via template files. The comment error page is a good example of one page that cannot be directly modified via template. In this article, we show you how to modify this page and set up a new theme file just for it.

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Create a Custom WordPress Database Error Page

If your website gets more traffic than it can handle or if your web host is having problems, visitors to your WordPress site may see a blank white screen with an error. Here is how to create a custom database error page.

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htaccess Help: 301 Redirects for URLs with Spaces

With .htaccess files, setting up 301 redirects is very simple. However, if your url has spaces, you might run into a problem. Read this article to see how to setup a 301 page redirect for a url that contains spaces.

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10 Things Your Website Must Have

If you are planning on building a successful website or wondering why your current website is not effective, our list below will help you. These are a few things which we think that all websites should have.

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WordPress Permalinks on GoDaddy Hosting

If you’ve been trying without success to create pretty permalinks for your GoDaddy hosted WordPress blog, do not despair. It will work.

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5 Things To Check Before Launching a Website

When it comes time to launch a website, it can be a very frantic time. And it is easy to forget to do some basic things which can greatly affect the initial success of your website. Here is our list of five important things we check before launching websites.

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25 Ways To Improve Your Website

There are always ways to improve a website. Below, we’ve included a list of 25 ways that you might be able to improve yours.

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301 Redirects with .htaccess files on Linux Apache

At some point, it may be necessary to reorganize a website or move a website to a new domain name. This means that your pages will no longer be accessible via their previous urls, resulting in a lot of 404 – Not Found errors for all visitors and search engines that request these pages.

In this article, we explain how to move pages or an entire website, yet do so without annoying visitors or hurting your position in search engines.

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