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Why We Removed CommentLuv From Our Blog

The CommentLuv WordPress plugin was great for increasing the traffic and the number of comments on our posts. But after two and a half years of use, we decided to uninstall it, mostly for SEO reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons for removing CommentLuv. Perhaps you should consider removing CommentLuv too!

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Is The Top Commentator Plugin Worth It?

The Top Commentator WordPress plugin is very popular both for increasing comments and rewarding faithful visitors. But there are some negative things about it as well, which have caused many bloggers to remove it from their blogs. So we ask the question: “Is The Top Commentator Plugin Worth It?”.

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Is Your Website Leaking PageRank?

Improving and maintaining PageRank is a top priority for webmasters because it affects how much traffic a website will receive from Google. But what many webmasters do not realize is that their websites are leaking PageRank, causing their overall site-wide PageRank to be lower than it should be.

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How To Get Inbound Links: Why Are Links Important?

All too often, search engine optimization experts will encourage webmasters to get inbound links. But they do not always explain the methods that one should use to go about making this happen, as well as the reasons why links are so important.

In this article series, we discuss the importance of links and explore many methods for obtaining them.

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How To Improve and Maintain Your Google Pagerank

Being indexed by Google is a big success for any website because it gives access to billions of potential visitors. However, with all of the millions of websites in Google’s databases, your website might not get any traffic. Why? The answer to this question is page rank.

In this article, we explain the concept of page rank and discuss methods to maintain, as well as improve, your pagerank over time.

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