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How to Remove Addon Domain Subdomains from Search Engines

If you create an addon domain, your host might also create a subdomain for it. And these subdomains can be indexed by Google and other search engines, resulting in duplicate content penalties. In this article, we show you how to make sure that these subdomains are not indexed by Google.

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htaccess Help: 301 Redirects for URLs with Spaces

With .htaccess files, setting up 301 redirects is very simple. However, if your url has spaces, you might run into a problem. Read this article to see how to setup a 301 page redirect for a url that contains spaces.

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Turn Off WordPress Homepage URL Redirection

If you are integrating WordPress into a preexisting site that already has its own homepage, or if you are developing a new WordPress website that is hidden behind a Coming Soon page, you will run into one frustrating problem. If you try to access the WordPress installation by visiting the index.php file, you won’t be able to see it. Here is a small code sample to turn off WordPress URL redirection.

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301 Redirects with .htaccess files on Linux Apache

At some point, it may be necessary to reorganize a website or move a website to a new domain name. This means that your pages will no longer be accessible via their previous urls, resulting in a lot of 404 – Not Found errors for all visitors and search engines that request these pages.

In this article, we explain how to move pages or an entire website, yet do so without annoying visitors or hurting your position in search engines.

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