Common Affiliate Advertising Mistakes

Affiliate Advertising is a marketing practice in which a business rewards you for visitors, potential leads, or new customers that they receive from your marketing efforts. As an affiliate, you will generally have to place some sort of advertisement on your website. Then, when a visitor to your website clicks on the ad and is redirected to the company’s website, you are credited for their visit and/or purchase.

For most people, this sounds fairly easy. Add an advertisement. Have people click. And voila, you make money!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like this. Instead, it will take a bit more time and effort to develop a successful affiliate website. So, if you are waiting for your website to realize its earning potential, read on to learn what you could be doing wrong.

Mistake 1 – Wait and people will come.

Having a website on the internet doesn’t guarantee that people will find it. So if you aren’t doing anything to drive traffic, then it is highly unlikely that people will come.

To generate traffic, you might consider blogging, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social networking, and link building.

Mistake 2 – People will click on the ads.

Once you get people to your website, you can’t assume that they will click on your ads. They need some reason to click. The advertisement needs to appeal to them in some way.

To increase the probability that users will click, we have three recommendations:

  1. Select relevant ads. Try to find ads that are related to the subject matter of the website. This increases the likelihood that visitors will find the ads useful.
  2. Have quality content. If users just see a website full of ads without content, they will probably leave right away. A website with no content has very little value to the average visitor and loses credibility.
  3. Place ads in smart locations. While you don’t want to overwhelm visitors with advertisements, make sure that the ads are in a prominent location. After all, if visitors don’t see ads, then they can’t click on them.
  4. Choose useful ads. It is also important to align yourself with a good company or product. If you select a great product, it is more likely that people will buy, resulting in a better conversion rate and high commissions.


Affiliate advertising can be a great way to generate income, but you need to do your homework, put in some effort, thoughtfully plan out your website, and carefully select advertisements. Good luck.

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1 Response to “Common Affiliate Advertising Mistakes”

  • affiliate funnel March 20, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    I used to constantly make mistake 1.

    Waiting for them to come.

    I learnt the hard way that “They” wont come unless you take the required action as you mentioned in your post.

    Awesome post Velvel.



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