How Competitive Are Your Keywords?

We all want to show up at the top of the search results for our desired keywords. However, with the millions of websites on the internet today, it is almost impossible to be first on the list. And it is even more unlikely to rank highly if your keywords are especially popular. As a result, the key to good search engine optimization or low-cost advertising campaigns, is choosing highly targeted keywords.

Choose Smart Keywords

Choosing smart keywords means that your keywords will be very specific. For example, consider a website which sells rubber boots. In the rubber boot industry, the keyword rubber boots would be very popular, and it would be hard to outrank all of the other websites that have chosen those keywords. And if you are opting for paid advertising, the cost-per-click would be very expensive.

So it’d be advantageous to target other less popular and more specific keywords such as ‘black rubber boots’, ‘rubber rain boots’, or ‘rubber hunting boots’. One other benefit from choosing these specific keywords is that the visitors who come to your site via organic search or pay-per-click will be looking for the product that you have.

But how, exactly, can you determine the popularity of your desired keywords?

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

We suggest that you take a look at Google’s Keyword Tool. This tool enables you to enter a keyword to determine the monthly search volume. Additionally, it also suggests other related keywords, and displays their search volume. You can use this data to help find appropriate keywords for your website.

Spy On Your Competitors

Sometimes, this keyword tool is not helpful, such as if your keyword is not popular, or if you are interested in getting visitors in your local geographical area. In this case, we suggest you spy on your competitors. Take a look at their websites to see what keywords they are using. Then, plan your own advertising campaign or search engine optimization plan.


For more information on keywords and search engine optimization, see our article Free SEO: Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking.

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  • Johnny September 27, 2010 at 10:50 am

    When using the keyword tool, I tell my customers to click on exact match (not broad). You can really define niche keywords that way.


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