How To Choose a Host for Your Website

When it comes to web hosting, cheaper isn’t always better. Here are some other factors to consider when choosing your host.

Storage Space & Bandwidth

If you plan to have a lot of images or a lot of traffic, you need a host that can provide you with sufficient storage space and bandwidth. Otherwise, if you choose a plan with limited resources, you can find yourself paying costly fees for going over your alloted limits.


Reliable hosting is a must-have. If your host does not provide you with an uptime guarantee then you are probably better off choosing an alternate web host. After all, every time your website is inaccessible to your visitors, you’re losing their confidence. If possible, try to find a host with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and avoid any hosts which require you to commit to a longterm contract..

Accessible Support

You might not think that you’d ever need to contact support, but it is very helpful to have an accessible support team for when you really need them. Try to find a host that give you technical support 24/7. This way, if there is ever an emergency, such as bouncing emails, hacking, or even a downtime, you can have the problem resolved right away.

Hosting Platform and Features

For all of you who are taking your site to the next level and employing professional web developers or using dynamic applications, it is very important to choose the correct platform and verify that your hosting package has all of the features that you’ll need.

If this is all Greek to you, then you can probably ignore most of this.However, there are two things that you should know. First, there are two widely used platforms: Windows and Linux. And while Windows sounds more familiar to most of us, you’ll probably want to opt for a Linux hosting package. Why? Because most free open source packages – such as blog software, eCommerce software, and content management software – run on Linux. Additionally, if you plan to hire a developer, development costs are generally less expensive when using Linux.

As far as basic features, your plan should support FTP access, databases, dynamic language (such as PHP or ASP), sub domains, and email accounts. Of course, there are so many other features that you might like, such as SSL support, additional languages such as Perl, CGI, Ruby on Rails, Fantastico, and site statistics.


Once you’ve found hosts which match your specifications, your final decision may come down to the free benefits that your host offers. Some hosts will give you a free domain name, others may give you great discounts on service. But some of the best freebies out there are access to hundreds of premium templates, free Google AdWords credits, and complimentary SSL.


When you’re finally ready to choose your host, keep all of the above in mind. Also, if you are hiring a web developer, be sure to get their input. You will find that each developer has their own set of preferences when it comes to web hosting. And finally, you should not pay more than $20/month. In fact, you can get great hosting for $10/month. We, at Velvet Blues, recommend HostGator . Click here to take a look at their hosting specifications.

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