How To Make Money With Your Blog

We have all heard of those successful bloggers who blog fulltime, and make a great living. But now that there are many many bloggers online, a lot of people think that this kind of success is out of reach. In truth, however, there is still a lot of money in blogging, but many people do not know how to tap into it.

Below, we list six ways that you can turn your blog into a source of revenue.

1. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Advertising is a marketing practice in which a business will reward you for visitors, potential leads, or new customers that they received from your marketing efforts. As an affiliate, you will generally have to place some company’s advertisement on your website. When a visitor to your website clicks on the ad and is redirected to the company’s website, you are credited for their visit and/or purchase.

To become an affiliate, you should partner with companies such as Commission Junction or LinkShare, which will enable you to sign up for affiliate programs for multiple companies, all from one interface. These companies will also collect, consolidate, and issue your payments.

2. Pay Per Post or Review

Sometimes companies want to spread the word about their website, services, or products. To do this, they will use the typical methods of advertising but often want to reach more people. So they will enlist and army of bloggers to write articles about them and/or their offerings.

PayPerPost, as shown in the ad, enables you to easily find companies who are looking for bloggers.

3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense, as shown below, is another pay-for-performance program. However, AdSense rewards publishers with a small per-click compensation. Per-click compensation rates vary depending on the subject area of your website, as well as its traffic.

You will find that this is probably the easiest and most intuitive program to implement, however, it is generally only successful if you have a lot of traffic to your website.

4. Sell Advertisement Space

You can sell blocks of advertisement space for periods of a day, a week, a month, or longer. You might be wondering about where you’d find interested advertisers. Fortunately, it won’t be hard. There are services which help match advertisers with publishers, all at no cost to you. One such service is AdBrite. And this can be more profitable than affiliate advertising because you will generate income regardless of performance.

To induce advertisers to buy ad space. One such traffic metric that is used by advertisers is the Alexa rank. (See 6 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rank.)

5. Sell for membership or subscription

If you have information that is particularly valuable, consider charging for membership. Don’t worry about development costs, you can do it yourself by opting for a free open source software package. Quite a few of these programs — such as Joomla and WordPress — have plugins which can give your site this functionality.

6. Request donations

If you don’t want to go through the hassle and potential legal implications of creating a membership website, you can simply generate income by asking for donations. (ie. Keep this site free. Donate!)

To obtain a donate button, consider using PayPal, a secure and popular online payment processor. They have Donate buttons that you can easily place on your website.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are numerous other ways that you can make money with your blog.

But no matter which venture you choose, the key to success lies in creativity and persistence. And it is important to realize that something like this doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it will take time and continual effort to increase your blog’s traffic and generate a substantial income. And with relatively low startup costs, it is definitely worth the effort.

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  • William August 11, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Great job!, I totally agree with you, these are the techniques to practice. One thing is just that you require to be an established blogger with many readers to earn some real money.


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