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Contrary to popular belief, all web hosting is not created equal, and there are some hosts that should be avoided at all costs… Some hosts have bad support. Others place unrealistic restrictions on accounts. Still, others do not have all of the features that are generally standard with web hosting. And the worst hosts feature outdated packages and minimal language support. So in order to make it easy for you to find decent hosts, we’ve listed a few hosts that we are familiar with and like.


HostGator is number one on our list because their prices are low and their plans are packed with features. Additionally, they have an excellent and highly responsive 24/7 support team and offer free access to hundreds of premium quality website templates. But best of all, they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all of their plans. (If they don’t meet this metric, they will provide you with a refund.)

What sets HostGator apart from other hosts is that they offer free account setup with no contract. Additionally, they feature unlimited MySQL databases, email accounts, domains, and ftp accounts. Also, they perform regular updates of all scripts and packages and are sure to have the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and open source software packages. And finally, they have a great knowledgebase and host user forums.

The only drawback is that they only offer Linux hosting. But Windows hosting will be coming soon.


Second on our list is BlueHost. They are in the same price range as HostGator, but while they have a few features which are better than those offered by HostGator, there are other features which fall short.

 First, BlueHost requires a minimum 3 month contract. And if a user opts to order anything shorter than a year-long contract, then a $30 setup fee will be assessed.There are also limits on MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and Email Accounts. However, there are some great features.

 What sets BlueHost apart from other hosts is that they give a very generous resource package to their clients. All plans come fully stocked with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. They also feature both MySQL and PostGreSQL databases.


We’ve only included GoDaddy because of their low prices and additional benefits such as low priced domains or SSL certificates with the purchase of a hosting account. However, we only suggest that you opt for GoDaddy hosting if you are planning on launching a simple static site. If you plan to use dynamic languages or host open source software, we suggest that you opt for one of the above web hosts.

Some of the drawbacks for using GoDaddy are limited resources (such as MySQL databases, FTP accounts, email storage, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth), and a very restrictive development environment.GoDaddy, for example, limits the functionality of .htaccess files.

However, they are some great reasons to use GoDaddy. First, they have great language support and feature both Windows and Linux platforms. Additionally, they have a great library of easy-to-install open source applications. And best of all, they give all of their clients complimentary Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter credits.


Clearly, we greatly prefer HostGator. However, when choosing your web host, it is good to consider the current and future needs of your website. Be sure to compare storage space and bandwidth, as well as script support. And if you need any assistance, just call the hosting companies; they will be glad to suggest appropriate plan sizes, platform types, and resource.

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