What Can Your Website’s Statistics Tell You?

Most people don’t see the need for comprehensive website statistics. After all, isn’t the most important statistic just the number of visitors to a website? And if that is the case, wouldn’t a simple visitor counter suffice?

If you answered yes to the previous questions, then it is imperative that you read on. In addition to determining how many people are visiting your website, statistics can also give you a lot of other valuable information about your visitors such as where they live, what they like, and if they ever come back to revisit your website.

Below are five important statistics that will help you to gauge the effectiveness of your website and make improvements:

1. Number Of Visitors

In addition to letting you know how popular your website is, this statistic usually lets you know if your visitors return, and if so, how often. Most statistics packages not only tell you the number of visits, but they also tell you the number of unique visitors.

Total Visits counts the total number of visits to your website. On the other hand, Unique Visitors only counts the total number of visitors. So unlike the previous statistic, repeat visitors are not counted.

By comparing these two statistics, you can determine if visitors are returning to your website. If you have a lot of regulars, for example, you will notice that total visits will be significantly higher than unique visitors.

2. Popular Pages

Website statistics can also tell you what your visitors like. By viewing the statistics on a page-by-page basis, you can see which pages are the most popular, receive the most inbound links from other websites, and serve as entry points for traffic from search engines. This will help you do deliver more of what your visitors are looking for.

3. Visitor Demographics

One of the most interesting statistics are those that tell you about your visitors. Depending on what statistics package you decide to use, you can get any of the following demographical information:

  • geographical location
  • internet browser
  • marital status and age
  • internet connection speed
  • level of education
  • computer platform

This information is very valuable. It can help you to determine if you are reaching your target audience, and it can also help you to optimize your website for your visitors.

4. Browsing Behavior

Another statistic that can help you to improve your website is browsing behavior. This tells you the path that users take through your website as well as the time spent on a page. By analyzing this statistic, you can determine the effectiveness of your website’s navigation and if users are finding what they are looking for.

5. Referrers

Finally, it is good to know where your traffic is coming from, especially if you have a marketing plan. This will help you to gauge it’s effectiveness and determine if changes should be made.

Get A Statistics Application Now!

Clearly, website statistics can help you to improve the effectiveness of your website. So if you don’t already use a statistics program, you should consider getting one right away. But before you go out and start looking for an appropriate solution, you might already have one available with your hosting plan.

If you are looking for a more powerful application than what your web host offers, we recommend using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is not only one of the best tools out there, but it is also free.

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